Why Talk to an Agent?

Not all policies are created equal, let's find the right one for you.

"I just want a quote!" 

It's something that a life insurance agent hears all the time, especially when working with Final Expense insurance in the Tampa area.  Sure price matters and we are going to find you the best policy for your budget.

Did you know however that not all policies are created equal?  A popular company that sends insurance quotes to you in the mail all the time will only ensure coverage up to you're 80.  What happens if you live past the age of 80?

Honestly you are not going to like the answer.

Another policy may start low and increase your premiums over time.  If you're on a fixed budget (and who isn't) do you want to be paying more as you age?  Of course not!

Just because it's the lowest price may not mean it's the best policy for you.  That's why talking to an agent is so important.

  • Do you have grandchildren?  Would you like to make sure they are protected?  
  • Are you looking for a life insurance policy that may be able to help if you become disabled or need a nursing home?  
  • Do you want to ensure your family is not burdened with unexpected debts?

I'll make sure we find the best policy for you at a budget that makes sense for you.  It's what I do, it's who I am.  Call me today to get started.

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