I understand what's important

How I can help you?

As your agent, I've done the shopping around for you already.  Generally speaking people are looking for four things:

 1.  Budget friendly (Can I afford it on a fixed income?)
2. That the coverage and payments remain steady.
3. Stability of company.  
4. Easy application (no medical exams or long drawn out process) 

Each company I work with is highly rated by AM Best and have a simple application process.

Questions and Quotes

Yes,you can get a quote online anywhere and at any time.  That quote may be wrong!

Online quote engines don't take into account your unique circumstances.  The HARDEST PART of life insurance is making sure that we find an affordable company that meets your needs.  So we will be asking some probing questions about you're medical history, you're medications and exactly what you wish you're policy will do once you're gone.

Yes, I want to find the best policy for you.  This is how we do it.  Only then can we find the best company and best price for you.

Okay...what does that mean?

You can either spend hours on the phone searching for the best policy for you or work with me to find the best policy for you and your family.  

Not all insurance companies are created equal.  Company A may give you a higher rate because of a medication you're taking.  Company B may accept that medication without question.  

My job is simple, to work with you to find the BEST company for you!  One that is within you're budget and accepts you medically.  

If we are unable to find you a "underwritten" policy then I have several choices that are Guaranteed Issue.  That means NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS and you can not be denied a policy.  Again the price is fixed and this policy will be there when you're family needs them the most.

Let's sum it up!

Any agent can give you a quote.  The best agent will do the legwork needed to find you the BEST POLICY for you at a price that meets your budget.  Today and in the future.

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How to contact me

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The best time for me to speak with you is at your convenience.  As such, I don't keep "normal business" hours.   

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