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So what is "Insurance" and why do I need it?

Insurance is simply a promise.  That "I'll be there."  

Life is full of "if's" and Insurance is a way to protect from those "if's".  It's a contract, a guarantee that you will provide that roof over your families head.  That you will send your son and daughter to college, that you will provide for that special someone in retirement.

And when that time comes that you will protect them from those final expenses because the loss of a loved one is always a surprise.  

As a Independent Insurance Agent, I hear the following sentence way more than I should.

"If I only prepared my self better."

That is my job, to prepare you and your family for those storms and curve balls life throws at us.  Insurance is that protection.  That promise that you will be there.

Ask yourself "What do you want to do tomorrow?"

Personally, my wife and I want to buy an RV and travel around the country seeing the sites and taking the back roads when we retire.   To do that I have some planning to do today.  

Insurance can help with that.  I also want to make sure that my daughter will be able to afford college, and that my wife will have money to live off of when I pass.  That my burial expenses will be paid.  

Insurance can help with that.  Each and every goal you have for the future can be met with an insurance product.   Either an Annuity, Term Life or Whole life product.  It just takes talking to an agent and planning.

That planning can start at age 18 or up to age 85.  It really does depend on you.

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Coverage is yours today...because tomorrow may never come

As a licensed insurance agent with over 20 years of sales experience, I work with only highly rated companies as determined by AM Best.  You are guaranteed coverage by a solid company that will be there for you and stands behind their products.

My relationships with these companies means I've done the "shopping around" for you -- you are being presented the best of the best, based on your personal circumstances.

Each company is also a little different; the premium they charge is just one piece of the puzzle!  Certain companies I recommend strictly for annuities, others for final expanses.   

A good agent will work with you to determine your needs today...and tomorrow.  

Let an expert like me find the best policy for you.  Finally, being licensed in 49 states means that if you’re a snowbird in Florida for just a few months or a full time resident; I’ll be able to work with you to find you the best policy. So what are you waiting for? Call or text me today and let me help your family today!  

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