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Your family needs you even if your no longer here

We all know the story:  the family had to pass a hat at church, or had to hold a car wash, or had to set up a “Go Fund Me” account on the internet...all because someone died and left the family financially unprepared. As an independent life insurance agent serving the Tampa area, I hear this story more often then I should. Final Expense Insurance is a way to guarantee that your family will be protected even as they say goodbye to a loving parent or grandparent. You can rest in peace knowing that your family does not have the specter of a large funeral bill over their heads; that you were able to take care of them one final time.  

Everyone and Anyone can be covered!

Sadly too often someone says "I can't be covered because I have X illness."  Or they feel it's going to be too expensive, or too much hassle. 

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 85 years old...You can get insurance!  No matter what your health is or budget concerns are!

Some policies have medical questions and go in effect that day.  Others are Guaranteed Issue policy with NO medical questions, which means you cannot be denied. Those policies are only for clients aged 45 or older.    

Let's  work together to find a policy that fits your unique needs and budget.  You've worked hard to give your family the best in life...let me work hard to give them the best after you're gone. Contact me either by phone or using the form below to set an appointment today!  

Coverage is yours today...because tomorrow may never come

  As a licensed insurance agent with years of experience, I work with only highly rated companies as determined by AM Best.  You are guaranteed coverage by a solid company that will be there when your family needs them the most.

My relationships with these companies means I've done the "shopping around" for you -- you are being presented the best of the best, based on your personal circumstances.

  Each company is also a little different; the premium they charge is just one piece of the puzzle!  For example, did you know that some companies may charge you a higher premium if you’re a smoker?  Of course you did...did you know that some companies don't?  Let an expert like me find the best policy for you.    

 Finally, being licensed in 49 states means that if you’re a snowbird in Florida for just a few months or a full time resident; I’ll be able to work with you to find you the best policy. So what are you waiting for? Call or text me today and let me help your family today!  

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As a service to my clients, I do not keep "normal" business hours.  I'm willing to meet with you in the evenings and weekends because its convenient to you.  Please feel free to call or use the Contact form to reach me directly.  

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